#188 – 070715

A re-edit of a favourite photo of mine
A re-edit of a favourite photo of mine

I’ve been accumulating photographers to follow over the last little while, and one of my favourites is Michael Shainblum. His astrophotography in particular is amazing, and he always manages to display the beauty of night sky.

He has some great tutorials, and his star stacking tutorial inspired me to go back and re-edit one of my favourite photos.

It’s not perfect, and I feel like it still has more to offer me if I approach it with patience, but I’m really happy with how this looks. I think I’ll have a go at going back over some of my older photos to see what I can get out of them now that I’m a little more experienced with my processing.

(Also, I sort of feel like re-editing old photos is sort of cheating on the whole “post a day” thing, but I’m at a loss for new photos to edit at the moment! I need to get out with some motivation to shoot so I have more new material to upload)


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