#187 – 060715

I’ve been doing well to stay on top of my daily posts, and then completely ran out of steam this week. I think I may have breathed out a little too much having reached the half way point, and complacency jumped on me like a tiger. Wait, that metaphor’s way too mixed. Complacency wouldn’t jump. It might yell “hey, why don’t you relax here for a while?” from the couch. And that’s what I’ve been doing mostly.

Recently, after 10 months of unemployment in two countries, I finally started worked again. I’ve surprised myself with how quickly and comfortably I’ve slipped back into the routine of working, but the danger is that’s the same routine that left me completely unproductive once I stepped out the office door. I would get home, have a snack, and watch tv/browse reddit for a few hours before I went to sleep. That’s something I really want to change with this new start.

As for the job itself, I am now a Detailed Design Engineer for LM Windpower, working to develop blades for wind turbines. It’s exciting for me for so many reasons. I get to experience the kind of engineering that I spent 4 years of university expecting: using technical design and problem solving to make innovative products. I get to use my brain, I get to be challenged and really drive improvements in what is a rapidly growing industry. There’s a big “feel good” factor for me, since I can objectively that my job and my company are having a nett positive impact on the world. Every set of blades we produce means a little less coal, oil or gas burned to generate electricity.

The other thing that has me really excited is the opportunity to travel. Wind turbines are massive (duh), and as such LM needs manufacturing sites all over the world to better access it’s customers. Combined with a head office in Denmark, this means a lot of opportunity to travel. Melissa and I moved to Europe to experience as much of the world as we could, and this will go a long way to fulfilling that desire. And bonus: I’m sure I’ll get lots of awesome photos out of it!

So while work is good, and I’m excited about the prospect of it only getting better, I need to be sure that I keep my motivation high in the other areas of my life. A small slip of a week or two is ok, since I’m mindful of it. If I make blogging on the couch after work my new routine, I will have really let myself down. So this weekend I’ll aim for a resumption of normal service and catch up on the small backlog of posts before it becomes insurmountable. I also need to get out and take some more damn photos!


One thought on “#187 – 060715

  1. Go well my wonderful boy. You’re typify everything a father dreams of in a son. Your mother and I could not be more proud. You made a telling statement earlier on, claiming that this year is your year, and it is! Enjoy every moment, remembering to leave only footprints and take only photographs.


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