#138 – 180515


We paid a visit to Antwerp on Sunday. We went on a whim, and we suffered from not really planning the trip. When we got to Antwerp half the city was cordoned off due to a large triathlon taking place in the city. We laboured for almost an hour to find a park. We hitched up and began walking around, only to find that most shops were closed, so our idea of an impromptu shopping trip was scuttled before it began.

Instead we amused ourselves with random wandering. I like the vibe in Antwerp. It’s a little grungy, very cool, while still proudly showing off its church spires and Gothic architecture. There’s beauty in the decaying riverside buildings too.

On a side note, I was under the impression that Belgium did cider. I felt sure that among the HUNDREDS of Belgian beers, there would be at least a few “traditional” ciders on offer at cafes or restaurant or bottle shops. We searched for what felt like an eternity, and when we eventually found a supply of cider, it was in a British shop. We felt like we’d earned it when we finally got our hands on it, and it was a great salve for what had turned into the first properly warm day Melissa and I had felt in months. I even managed to get a slight sunburn to dim my ghostly white complexion!

Bonus photo: Antwerpian (sp?) art. There were a few weird pieces around the city, but I laughed particularly childishly at this sculpture. Seriously, it’s a giant dude smirking while two smaller dudes stare up at his junk. I’d love to know the symbolism here…



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