#114 – 240415


This year is the centenary of the Gallipoli landings. On April 25th 1915 thousands of young antipodeans threw themselves against the beach and and hills of Anzac cove, against the desperation of Turkish defenders with the Ottoman Empire crumbling around them.

The campaign was bloody, and the Allied forces suffered. Poor military intelligence and poor planning meant that the young men were unprepared, faced with imposing cliffs ahead of them, the cold Aegean Sea behind them and the Turkish army driving them back.

The Anzac spirit was born from the Gallipoli campaign. New Zealanders and Australians are bound in brotherhood, willing to fight against insurmountable odds for their ideals. Gallipoli also marked the conception of the Republic of Turkey.

Our nations share a moment in history marked by blood and conflict. Each year at Anzac cove, the three come together in remembrance to honour all the soldiers who fought and died for their countries. War is impossible, and their is fracture and grief in victory and defeat.

Anzac day is a day to reflect on that.


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