#80 – 210315

20150320 eclipse_1

On Friday most of Western Europe had the opportunity to see an eclipse of the sun. You got the whole deal if you were in the Faroe Islands, and you got to see a lot of cloud if you were in the UK.

Nuremberg laid on the clear skies for the event, so visibility was definitely not an issue. I had a go at doing a small timelapse of the partial eclipse that we got.

I didn’t have the right equipment to make it textbook. Without a dark enough filter I had to minimise my aperture, which is what gave me the the faint starbursts. It also meant that I couldn’t get a very sharp outline of the sun, but it is still relatively crescent shaped.

I know what I need for the next time (if I’m lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time): a ND10 filter and at least a 300mm lens.


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