This is my year – #34 – 030215

St Johannis Friedhof
St Johannis Friedhof

It’s been snowing a bit in Nuremberg over the past couple of weeks. For me, that’s amazing. I’m still in the “Oh my god, SNOW!” phase, not yet the “Ugh.. snow” phase. I’ve never had to deal with snow as weather. Of all the weather that I’ve experienced in Melbourne and Auckland (and in those cities, you experience a lot of weather), it doesn’t snow.

I suppose the Australian version of snow, seeing as most things in Australia have evolved to kill or maim, is hail. Softball sized hailstones that do tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage and hurt anyone stupid enough to venture into their native habitat of “outside”. Australian hailstones are extremely territorial.

Snow is much more pleasant. So far. (Touch wood).

D7100, 50mm f/1.8
1/1000s, F/4.0, ISO 200


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