This is my year – #33 – 020215

Melissa is going be away in the USA for her birthday, so when her birthday present arrived today, I said she could open it while she’s still here. As I’ve said before, we do love ourselves some good food, and Jamie Oliver tends to make delicious, soul-warming food. So a Jamie Oliver cookbook dedicated to delicious, soul-warming food was a no-brainer. 

To add to the gift, I told Milly to pick a recipe and I would have it ready for dinner when she got home (what a good Haus Frau I am…). Just my luck that she would choose a Moussaka, a 3-hour monster with 4 consecutive processes and a couple of techniques and ingredients I’d never really cooked with (looking at you eggplant). I’m usually the guy that goes for the 6-ingredient pasta or stir-fry dishes. I didn’t flinch though, and I took the challenge in my stride.

I managed to avoid curdling the white sauce, flambeing the eggplant or nuking the ragu, and the whole thing came together, emerging from the oven just in time for Melissa to walk through the door. Add a glass of red and you have one very happy lady. Happy (soon to be) wife, happy life!


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