This is my year – #18 – 180115

What a day. One of those days when the utter exhaustion you feel at the end brings a smile to your face.

We were up at 4:30 for the 3 hour drive to Garmische-Partenkirchen with our friend Becca playing driver. For Milly and I, it was our first day on the slopes in over three years, so we were expecting a few cobwebs to blow out. I was using a new snowboard for the first time, so we started the day off hesitantly. After a run I had to seek out a screwdriver for my loose bindings, but from there the day just got better and better.

The grey cloud burned off to present us with absolutely gorgeous views down the valley to the town below, and the peaks of the alps above us were absolutely gleaming. A refreshing lunch and a beer on top of the mountain set us up well for the rest of the day.

In the end, we pushed ourselves one run too many. With the cable car up to the highest point at Allspitz, we had to grind out a lot of flats and uphills before we were on our way back down the base. Becca and Milly disappeared off ahead of me with their skis and poles, while I had to spend as much time walking as I did boarding for the better part of an hour. Once the slopes returned I was greeted with an empty expanse of white that I had all to myself. It was like carving up a cloud, and I felt completely tuned into my board and to the snow. This was only my fifth time on the snow, but I feel like I’m finally nailing my technique, and can sense the limits of strength in both my body and my equipment.

On an extremely positive note, this ended up being the first real test of strength for my groin since I injured myself last year. With very little physical activity since May (avulsion fracture of the adductor longus. As painful to experience as its is to say), I’ve been hesitant to put any real force through it, but the fact that it didn’t give me a moment of grief through a whole day of boarding meant that things must be looking pretty good! Now, to just get back to kicking a ball…

We arrived home exhausted, but completely satisfied. Some Pad Thai to refuel and we were out with the sleep of the damned. I dreamed happily of slicing through powdery banks of snow, even though my body would not be quite so willing after yesterday’s exertions. It made for one of the best days we’ve had since moving to Europe.

Can’t wait to get back up there!


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