This is my year – #9 – 090115

York Minster
Nave of York Minster

Argh, a little backed up! Here’s Friday’s post.

Here’s another panorama from our trip through the UK, I am definitely having fun playing with the more technical images! Another one that looks better up close, click to see full size.

This is York Minster, one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England. A church was first built on the site in 627, and through the ages it was built into an amazing testament of architecture and engineering. The scale of it is quite something to behold. The king post in the roof of the chapter house is constructed of three oak trunks spliced together. Incredible! While I’m not religious, I can certainly appreciate the spirituality that must come from worshiping in a place like this.

One thing that really impressed me on our tour around the UK is the commitment to restoration and care for heritage sights. Organisations such as English Heritage do a tremendous job of preserving buildings and land of historical significance in order to tell the story of England’s rich past. It’s so much more interesting learning about the events of a millennium ago, when you know that they happened right where you’re standing!

So get out, appreciate some heritage, learn some history, and marvel in the monuments we could create when we didn’t have Google to help us.


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