This is my year – #11 – 110115

What a hard life it is, living within easy reach of so many interesting new places. Milly has a work trip to Amsterdam this week, so I’m tagging along for my first visit. I’m heading there on an overnight bus this evening. It’s amazing how cheaply you can get to so many places in mainland Europe. Overnight buses suit us really well (even though Milly is flying up this time), because we’ve found that we can sleep basically anywhere. Comes in handy! And it means that 10 hours on a bus has me saving a bunch of money, arriving at “sparrow’s fart” so that I can pack in three full days in Amsterdam, and not being bored spending ten hours on a bus since I’ll sleep through most of it.

So I’m looking forward to checking out a new city, some new food, and some more about European art, history and culture. I’m sure my camera is going to love the trip too. I’m really going to have to get industrial on this image processing business when I’m back…

Also, I’m sure now that I’ve well and truly jinxed it, I’m going to be stuck on a packed bus tonight next to someone who’s idea of personal hygiene is a moist towelette across their brow after a strenuous walk.


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