This is my year – #10 – 100115


Photographing animals is a lot of fun. I get a lot of joy out of taking a camera to the zoo and shooting away, but it feels a bit like cheating. I would love to organise to do some adventuring to be able to see wild animals for myself, and shoot them (with a camera, of course) in the habitats they are meant to be in.

This sort of counts. We don’t get many (any) squirrels down in the Antipodes, so they’re certainly a novelty for us! they were everywhere when we were in the UK, and this one was particularly brave and posed nicely for a portrait. Talking about photographing creatures in their natural habitats – the eastern gray squirrel is an introduced species to England. It has largely pushed out the native red squirrels. So this doesn’t really count as photographing a creature in the habitat it’s meant to occupy. And me wandering through a wooded park is not exactly adventuring. We’ll call it a (baby) step in the right direction though.


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