This is my year – #5 – 050115

Today marks the end of our first UK adventure. Yesterday was our final day road tripping down from Edinburgh to Salisbury with our friends Matt and Charmaine. Over 17 days we’ve done well to see as much as we have, and all in all our trip has been a great taster of what Britain has to offer. We’ve seen a whole lot places that we want to see more of. We’ve barely scratched the surface of Scotland as a whole, and Edinburgh in particular, we can’t wait to come back and explore the northern wilds a little more. London was all sorts of madness at Christmas time, we just didn’t have the chance to do so many things, so that will also have to be another trip on its own. Our stay with my cousin Danny and his family was far too fleeting, and we can’t wait to come back and stay with them for a more substantial visit. What a hard life it is, having all these cool places to see and people to visit…

Coming home to Nuremberg means back to life as (not so) normal. We’ve got a new apartment to move ourselves into and all the processes (in german!) that will come along with that. And after three weeks of the snow chasing us around the UK without catching us, it looks like we’ll finally have to come to terms with a real winter. Boots and jackets are high on our shopping lists! Although so far all we’ve seen on our short trip from the airport to our door is piles of grey slush. I want the real stuff falling from the sky, dammit! I will be getting stuck into the job search again with some renewed motivation over the next few weeks, and Melissa will be back to work after a day’s reprieve for a Catholic holiday tomorrow. Add to that our plan to start eating a bit healthier and I think we’re going to be hitting the ground running.

Bring it on!


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