This is my year – #2 – 020115

One of the things I’m really enjoying about being in Europe is the joy that comes from aimlessly wandering. Each place we’ve been so far has provided a unique experience for us while we’ve explored the streets. The different architecture, art, history colours, smells all provide such rich experience, it can be exhausting just taking it all in. Between Christmas and New Years we were in Scotland, and I caught myself just drinking in the beauty of the buildings and the landscapes. It felt storied and rich, each place unique.

We’re on our way down Britain and spent the afternoon in York today. It blew me away. York Minster is just about the most impressive building I’ve ever seen. I don’t practice religion, but I can certainly appreciate the spirituality that exists in these impressive monuments. Every town we’ve visited so far has had a church or cathedral or castle for us to visit and be amazed by.

In amongst the myriad other old buildings and cobbled lanes and wonky houses, the other nice thing about all our wandering is that we get to stop and reward ourselves with the odd pint. It certainly makes our wandering all the more enjoyable.


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