A Cosy Kiwi Concert

I’ve been in Nuremberg now for a little over a month, and this little city has thrown some cool experiences at me in that time. There’s been a pop music festival, a visit to a design market, an awesome Halloween party (all awesomely documented by my wonderful girlfriend Melissa), and loads more.

Last night we got to experience what might be my highlight so far. A bunch of Kiwis played awesome music to about 20 people in the living room of a one bedroom apartment in the middle of Nuremberg.

To back up a little bit, Melissa and I met this guy Daniel while attending an art lecture event with other friends a few weeks ago. Daniel is an organiser of the Nuremberg couchsurfing group, and is often putting on great meetups like movie nights, interesting talks, or just get-togethers over beer and food. He told us that some musical Kiwi friends of his were coming to Nuremberg and that he’d be setting up a gig. In his lounge. Awesome!

There was a potluck dinner beforehand, so we contributed a roast veggie and couscous dish and then got to chat to Brooke, John, and Hikurangi of French for Rabbits, and their friend, musician Fraser Ross. I’d forgotten how much I’d missed hearing a Kiwi accent, and it was fantastic to share in some Kiwi-isms, and talk fondly of Godzone for a while. It was a great way to treat the homesickness that’s been steadily building.

We were then treated to a set of Fraser’s wonderful folky tunes, interspersed with some wonky German pronunciation and references missed by all but the handful of other New Zealanders in the room.

Brooke and John then played a whole bunch of gorgeous songs, with Fraser filling in on Bass for French for Rabbits’ regular bassist Ben. The living room was slightly too small to accommodate drums (the neighbours were probably grateful) so Hikurangi was on the egg-shakers and tambourine for the beautifully melodic set. I think we would have held them hostage to continue playing for us all night, if not for the fact that the windows were sealed shut and we were all slowly suffocating. So after what seemed all too brief an evening, we let them finish. I hummed ‘Gone Gone Gone‘ all the way home, and I’ve been listening to their LP ‘Spirits’ all day today. I can’t wait to see them again, maybe in a slightly bigger venue next time!

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The musical Kiwis conclude their European tour with a few more dates in Germany and France before returning to New Zealand at the end of November. We loved being able to have a little slice of home away from home, and last night was not the kind of thing I thought Nuremberg would have offered up to me. I’m grateful that we’re getting so much out of this awesome city, and I can’t wait for us to start our own European tour (with just a smidge less public musical performance, and maybe a bit more touristy sight seeing).

Check out French for Rabbits (you’d be silly not to really):

and of course, Fraser Ross:


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